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Roller shutters Das Klassische

Producer for grille shutters, rolling grilles as accurately fitting grille doors (roller grille), protection against burglary for show windows and terrace-doors, shutter-grille installation for basement garages and as protection against machines. mehr...

roller grille Das Elegante

Roller grilles from stainless steel you get according your desire, also mattfinsihed and highly polished. Even after decades, the city tore roller grilles are inherantly stable. mehr...

Roller grilles Das Besondere

The roller grille for quite demanding, extremely restistant, shapely, as "left-roller" insertable, Rollgitterpanzer aus vertikal zusammengefügten V 2 A – Kettengliedern mit geschlossener mehr...


City Tore GmbH Nordlichtstr. 40 13405 Berlin Tel : 030 / 41 20 24 94 Fax: 030 / 41 20 24 53 mehr...

Roller grille - Your protection against burglary

Protection with high visibility range
• Access control:
Gates provide access control and avoid the security

• Security:
Grids protect against unauthorized access and act in advance prophylactic against intrusion attempts. They protect building openings such as crossings, access roads, entrance doors, shop windows, etc., and significantly reduce the crime

• Aesthetics:
A variety of metal surfaces of galvanized steel, color-coated surfaces to highly polished stainless steel design for the individual definition.

• Design:
City Tore grids are plain sailing and straight timeless elegance

• Space-saving:
the curtain rolls up to the ceiling, avoiding the use of interior space.
The lateral guidance is due to special guide rails with pull backups to save space, that at the edges of the host structure nor apply.

• Low life cycle costs:
die robuste Bauweise von City Tore und die hochwertigen Materialien gewährleisten eine lange Lebensdauer und weniger kostspielige Wartungen
The rugged construction of City Tore gates and the high-quality materials ensure long life and less expensive service

• Early installation as an option:
by a self-supporting construction, the grid will be installed even before the walls are built.

• Ventilation cross area:
With ventilation cross sections up to 77% (depending on system) can the planning authority requirements for ventilation of separate areas, eg. underground car parks are met.

Roller Grille RC 3

City Tore rolling grilles give you protection with a view
City Tore roller grilles help against illegal drugs trade